Racial Inequalities Training FREE and available online

Racial Inequalities Training graphic.jpgThe West Yorkshire and Harrogate Health and Care Partnership (WY&H HCP) Race Equalities Network are helping to educate and raise awareness of the ongoing racial injustice and everyday discrimination faced by colleagues from ethnic minorities by launching a suite of online training.

The training available online, builds on a Black Lives Matter (BLM) workshop hosted with WY&H HCP health and care leaders last year. The impact of events over the past year including the murder of George Floyd and the international attention on the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement brought into sharp focus the ongoing inequalities that continue to exist within our society.

The voices and experiences of its WY&H HCP Race Equality Network members from ethnic minorities have been influential from the outset in ensuring it has real purpose.

Usha Kaushal a member of the Race Equality Network and who presents the White Privilege training said “It is important that we recognise the rich diversity of our ethnic minority communities and amplify the diverse voices and different lived experiences which our colleagues have bravely shared. This is something which the Race Equalities Network strongly supports and is exactly the approach we have taken with the launch of our Racial Inequalities Training.

The training package includes modules on Black History Month; White Privilege; Allyship and Unconscious Bias and Micro-aggressions. The training provides an opportunity to build a better understanding of key issues in a safe space where people can feel comfortable to challenge individual beliefs and biases in efforts to reduce the everyday discrimination.

This training is accessible for colleagues, partners and beyond at no cost, and all that is required is a personal pledge. A personal resolution in self-challenge and commitment to learn.

Cherill Watterston a member of the Race Equality Network and presents the Unconscious Bias and Micro-aggressions training said “We all must work to make the positive changes needed in our society and workplaces for our ethnic minority communities. This training helps you to not shy away from the challenging and uncomfortable conversations that need to happen. This is a journey we are on together and it starts with education so please do access the training today and share with others too.”

The training is available online on WY&H HCP website partnership website and is accessible to colleagues, partners and others to help educate and raise awareness and be a catalyst for positive change. The training is part of a new WY&H HCP anti-racism movement which will launch in August in partnership with West Yorkshire Violence Reduction Unit. Over 350 organisations / community champions have already pledged their support. You can join the movement here https://bit.ly/2TuH5Tp 

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