Useful resources from the Health and Care Champions

The health inequalities faced by people with learning disabilities (LD) in the UK start early in life and stem from barriers to accessing appropriate and effective health care and are therefore, to an extent, avoidable. The Learning Disability Mortality Review (LeDeR) programme has highlighted that people with a learning disability still die much younger than the rest of the population (on average 20 years) and are three times more likely to die from causes that could have been avoided. Physical health checks and cancer screening can ensure that health problems are spotted earlier and, with the right type of care and support, treated effectively.

The Health and Care Champions together with other partners in the health and care system have created new information for professionals to make sure that people with learning disabilities get the care they need, and information for people with learning disabilities that helps them take part in screening when offered. 

Why it's important for people with Learning Disabilities to make their own decisions - film

UK Disability History Month 18 November - 18 December 2021

As part of UK Disability History Month 2021 the Champions made these short films about their hidden disabilities.

Donna made a film about people's attitudes to disability, sex and relationships 

Brian made a film about living with dyslexia

Bex and Paul made a film about Anxiety

The Champions received a briefing from local social workers about the Human Rights Act 1998.

This is a quote from a short film they have made about the Act:

"The Human Rights Act lets me know that I have the freedom to live my life the way that I want to."

The Champions have recently been discussing their views, experiences and concerns about the Covid19 vaccine

What the Champions say about the Covid19 vaccine 

Healthier Lives videos

Here are some videos about cancer screening that the Champions have made accessible to people with learning disabilities by writing captions.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) information

The Champions have produced a suite of materials that are helping people with Learning Disabilities manage their health during the coronavirus outbreak. 

Coronavirus videos and audio files

About COVID-19 (audio)

Social Distancing (audio)