Speak with a midwife encourages woman to book an appointment with a midwife as soon as they find out their pregnant and was co-produced with local woman representative of our diverse communities. The campaign launched across West Yorkshire and Harrogate on 18 September 2023. WYHHCP LMNS_Speak With a Midwife Campaign_1200x630 2.jpg

The West Yorkshire and Harrogate Local Maternity and Neonatal System (WY&H LMNS) is promoting maternity (also known as antenatal) care beginning at the earliest stage of pregnancy so women can be given the information and support they need to have a healthy pregnancy.

It was developed using behavioural insights to identify relevant barriers and facilitators that influence early pregnancy care decisions.  A ‘Speak with a midwife’ PowerPoint presentation is available and provides a comprehensive background on the importance of this work, aims, objectives and how it was developed, this can be edited for local briefings.

large selection of resources has been made available online for partners to use to help raise awareness and share with local people. It is intended to be a long-term behaviour change campaign that is made sustainable throughout our communities. Read more here

SWAM Phase 2 social assets 1080x1080 3.png

In phase II we are sharing how local woman benefited from booking early in their pregnancy and two local midwives will also feature in the campaign. 

Find out more about what will happen at the first appointment and more by visiting speakwithamidwife.co.uk