Milestones and achievements

Workforce milestones

  • Introduced a centralised recruitment process for newly qualified midwives. Virtual recruitment events were amended by J 16 student. The advert, job description and interviews were standardised.
  • Introduced a Labour Ward Co-ordinators forum to create a peer support network with the aim of improving wellbeing, building relationships and improving communication.
  • Developed an LMS Professional Midwifery Advocate (PMA) strategy to support the maternity  workforce to deliver safe, elective care and be well led. 

Picture8.jpgStaff wellbeing

  • LMS funding to establish or enhance wellbeing rooms for staff wellbeing rooms.
  • Worked alongside ’What Maoers to Me Champions’ to identify ways to support staff wellbeing.
  • A workforce wellbeing survey was launched in February and 109 responses received. Colleagues will be offered support to stay well at work as we seek to have a healthy and resilient workforce.

Staff development

  • LMS funding for a leadership workshop for 20 Band 7 midwives.
  •  A Band 7 Midwife has been offered a place on The Fellowship High Potential 2 Programme from June 2021.
  • One-to-one conversations have taken place with maternity support workers to map and identify the support required to address any learning gaps identified.

New ways of working

The number of Continuity of Carer (CofC) teams across the LMS increased 15 in January 2020 to 27 in February 2021. The CofC model enables a pregnant woman to build a relationship with her midwife (and a small team of midwives) and have that support through her whole maternity journey.

Working collaboratively

Working collaboratively with health professionals, health visitors, obstetricians and midwives to 
develop standardised guidelines.