‘Together We Can’ is West Yorkshire’s long term campaign to minimise pressures on urgent and emergency services. This is the third year it has been rolled out as an area wide winter campaign.

A reduction in the winter communications budget meant the campaign was scaled back from previous years. Budget was therefore invested where it built on earlier recommendations  Our activity focused on alleviating and supporting systems during heightened activity and pressures such as during industrial action, bank holidays and wintry weather.

New for 2023/24 was the addition of urgent dental treatment signposting, a series of animated winter health and care social media graphics were created, local healthcare staff from West Yorkshire Association of Acute Trusts (WYAAT) and Yorkshire Ambulance service featured in graphics supporting winter messaging and digital radio advertising (DAX) allowed us to target adults listening to radio on digital platforms.

Online advertising ran for 12 weeks (Nov, Dec and Feb) and most visitors to the website were during December (10, 620) and February (12,109) During this time the signposting website togetherwe-can.com had 49,887 unique visitors, 20,085 users (3,602 more users than the previous year) and had 26,209 page views (756 more than the previous year).  

The evaluation rTogetherWeCanReportCover23.jpgeport for winter 2023/24 is available to view here.

View a plain text version here.