Personalised care end of year review 2021

Personalised Care has never been a more important tool to ensure people are given the knowledge, skills, and confidence to take ownership of their physical and mental health. With more services taking place online, more digital apps available to support conditions, and more people conscious of their mental health and wellbeing, 2021 has provided many of us with more opportunities to self-manage long term conditions, access virtual peer support, and take on more active roles within the delivery of our health and care, or the health and care of those we care for.

Within the West Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership we have been actively looking at ways to upskill our communities, and our workforce to have better conversations about what matters to them, and better connect people to their communities. Personalised care means people have choice and control over the way their care is planned and delivered. By understanding “what matters” to them it supports people to live and age well in a way which is right for them. Personalised Care is about acknowledging that health and care is not a one size fits all approach, and represents a new relationship between people, professionals, and the system.

You can read more about our work this year to embed the personalised care agenda in our end of year review:


The NHS’ long term plan says that within five years over 2.5 million more people will benefit from ‘social prescribing’, a personal health budget and new support for managing their own health in partnership with patients’ groups and the voluntary sector.

Evidence says that by involving people in decisions about their health and care we can:​

  • improve their health and wellbeing; ​
  • improve their quality of care; and ​
  • ensure they make more informed use of healthcare resources.