Adversity, Trauma and Resilience Knowledge Exchange 2022 presentations and links

In this section you can find the presentations used during the three-day Adversity, Trauma and Resilience Knowledge Exchange which took place from Tuesday 26 to Thursday 28 April 2022. Please also see the photo projects and audio resources links. If the presentations are not accessible to meet your needs please let us know by emailing  and we will contact the relevant presenter for a more accessible format. 

Amy Nickolls, Social Finance

Social violence, social media, violence and psychological harm 

Catherina Westwood, Senior Nurse Practitioner for the Trauma Informed Personality Disorder Pathway, South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

West Yorkshire adversity trauma and resilience: implementation framework to develop SWYPFT to become a trauma informed organisation

Emm Irving and Carrie Rae, West Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership

West Yorkshire adversity, trauma and resilience – our journey so far …

Emily Griffiths, Operational Manager, Acute Sector

Trauma informed Leeds – our journey and learning so far

Madeline Rolfe, Crest Advisory

Social Media Crest

Luke Turnbull, Julia Caldwell and Naimh Cullen – Calderdale

Burnt Bridges

Richard Barber – Visible

Improving health and wellbeing with adult survivors of child sexual abuse

Sue Francis, Workforce Development Lead – Trauma Informed Care, Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust

Becoming a trauma informed organisation

Dr Warren Larkin & Dr Kerry Hinsby

Becoming a trauma informed system by 2030

Zak Yasin, Jo Howes, City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council

Bradford Adversity, Trauma and Resilience Strategy

Dr Samana Saxton, Education Psychology & Early Years SEN Support Service, Kirklees Council

Developing, implementing and maintaining whole school relational approaches – The Alex Timpson Programme in Kirklees

Kathryn Hodgson, Expert

Balance and Burnout – How to do our Best Without Damaging Ourselves

Dr Tracey Smith, Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Lead, Wetherby YOI and Adel Beck SCH

Integrated care across children and young people’s secure settings

Lisa Cherry, Author, Speaker, Trainer

Trauma informed education: A model for change

Penny Netherwood, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust

Team building: creating an integrated resource team to support trauma informed practice with children and young people in Leeds



Films used at the Adversity, Trauma and Resilience Knowledge Exchange 2022

In this section you can find links to some of the films used during the Adversity, Trauma and Resilience Knowledge Exchange 2022. We  encourage you to use the films for your own individual purposes. If you want to use these films for training or public showings, please check with the originator as you may need a license. 

Verd de gris arts - leaving service (commissioned by West Yorkshire Health and Care Partenrship)

MindMate - being Black and me

Additional resources used at the Adversity, Trauma and Resilinece Knowledge Exchange 2022

Dr Warren Larkin, Warren Larkin Associates

An introduction to psychological trauma – further reading and resources

Brightsparks – Poster Presentation

(Leeds Trinity University)

Community Interest Company – trauma informed and trauma sensitive – learning and development opportunities

Brightsparks (Leeds Trinity University)

Brightsparks - understanding trauma and attachment in children and young people

Bring me to Life

The Empower Project - poster with links

Dawn Bland – lived experience

Case study

Dawn Bland – lived experience

West Yorkshire Combined Authority interview with Dawn - poet, artist and member of the Violence Reduction Unit Community Advisory Group - about her lived experiences of trauma and adversity

Dawn Bland – lived experience

Poetry created by Dawn about her experiences of trauma and adversity

Trauma triggers 

Dear me

Survivors reach out

Online bullying

Denise Wheatman, Wakefield Council

Artwork created by young people

CCE Project ‘not around here’

Children from Upton Primary school used art as a vehicle to talk about and share their experiences of what they had seen or heard, their thoughts and worries. The children explored strategies and protective factors to help improve their resilience. The project helped raise awareness of the adversity and family situations some of the children were living within. Funded by the Violence Reduction Unit and facilitated by Young Lives Consortium, Ryhill and Havercroft Leisure and Wakefield Public Health, the script was written by John Godber and young people were involved in the language used and final edit. The art work has been created in metal and displayed around the school and area.

Wrenthorpe Pru 'loving myself'

Young people who struggle to attend mainstream school due to a variety of reasons. The focus of the creative sessions was around the resilience framework section ‘loving myself - self awareness’ and provided an opportunity to develop a positive sense of self, self-esteem and self-confidence.

Denise Wheatman, Wakefield Council

STAR assessment conversation tool

The conversation tool was created in 2021 with STAR bereavement based on the ‘Milestones of Healing’ a process they currently use as part of their assessment. The conversation tool provides tips around creating a trauma responsive environment and amplifies the voice of the child. It provides a series of questions based on evidence based competences within the resilience framework to identify what protective factors, strategies and resilience the child or young person has around managing difficult situations and changes in their life.


Denise Wheatman, Wakefield Council

Star Bereavement Year End Report 2021

Ingeus - evaluation

Justice Evaluation Series – Golden Threads

Jo Sykes, Leeds City Council – Newsletter

The work of the South and West Resettlement Consortium Pathfinder

Marcia Hylton – Author

Marcia has written an eight-week course around recovery and resilience after emotional abuse in intimate toxic relationships

Life inspired wellness

Five-step process for healing trauma

Maryjo Pearson, West Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership

NightOWLS is for every child or young person in West Yorkshire who is experiencing a mental health crisis at night

Maryjo Pearson, West Yorkshire Health & Care Partnership

If you are experiencing a mental health crisis, you can find help from our 24/7 crisis support lines


New online training – understanding refugee and asylum seeker mental health and wellbeing and providing effective therapeutic support for asylum seekers

Solace elearning

elearning flyer course 1

elearning flyer course 2